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Teenagers and Young Adults: 

Dating violence is domestic violence and it is not something that just happens in marriages or within families, but this can and does happen in your age group.  Dating violence is a very real, very painful, but often hidden crime. This violence occurs between people that know and trust each other.

Parents and Adults:

We start when children are young by discussing "Stranger Danger" and then later on we give advise to our pre-teens to be aware of their surroundings, don't walk alone at night, and to be careful of putting personal information out on the internet.  We even give advise about choosing friends but rarely do we discuss what to do if a relationship turns into one of fear and pain. Whether one is afraid of becoming hurt or afraid of being the one causing the pain. 


With your donation we will work to remove the stigma associated with discussing dating violence. By shedding light on the reality of dating violence, we can openly discuss the causes and effects, and find answers to eliminate it from our society.

Would you like to donate to the Purple Pinkie Charitable Foundation Inc. but do not have Paypal? Please email donations@purplepinkie.org to discuss another form of donation. Thank you!